Amanda Kenney

I’m a eighteen-year-old Catholic living in beautiful and quirky Massachusetts!  I share my mighty fortress with an older sister, a younger brother, and a younger sister.  Yes, I’m a middle child (beware!).  Our fortress is guarded by a valiant host of animals: a dog, Baby Girl (a name to make you quiver in your boots), a cat named William Shakespeare Gandalf the Grey (doesn’t really live up to his name- he’s afraid of shoes, let alone Nazguls), and the rabbit Spock (beware the mind-meld).  I’m currently attending Franciscan University of Steubenville as a freshman.

My interests include: fencing, alternative/hard rock music, fencing, attempting to write poetry, fencing, reading, fencing, inflicting innocent paper with squiggly lines jokingly called drawings, fencing, legos, fencing, philosophy, and all sorts of geeky things.  Oh, I nearly forgot fencing!  My favorite books are: Hamlet, Orthodoxy, Lord of the Rings, Ranger’s Apprentice, Chronicles of Narnia, The King’s Shadow, The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, Diamond in the Window, and Pride & Prejudice (not necessarily in that order).

If after reading all this you still want to contact me, you may email:  There are also comment boxes scattered around the notebook, so don’t be afraid to say hello!  I probably won’t poke you with a sword.