My Journal


Why do you want to write a book?  This is a crucial question.  If you find the answer(s), you will be able to focus and increase your love of writing.

What’s my reason?  Well, there are several really, varying in importance.  First of all, I can’t help it.  I couldn’t stop writing if I wanted to.  When I’m inspired, the first thing I want to do is grab a pencil and paper and start writing, even if I don’t have anything to write about.  I just want to write.  Watching epic movies or listening to epic soundtrack music are most often the culprits, or sometimes a cool quote or picture.  Inspiration is everywhere.  Cities, meadows, animals, firelight, public bathrooms, moss, something someone says, a name, and even food.  (I’m not kidding.  Food can be inspiring.  And bathrooms.  And moss.)  Inspiration can be anything.  (And I mean anything.)  Everyone is inspired by something and when they are they need to do something.  For me, it’s write.  It’s my way of expressing myself.

Which brings us to reason number two: writing is my way of making my dreams come true.  Every impossible desire I’ve ever had has occurred.  I’m a princess in one story, I’m a hero in another, I can transform into an animal in the next, and I can go to any world I wish.  I can become anyone I want and go wherever I want.  Nothing is impossible anymore.  Through my stories, I get to do and experience things I would not be able to otherwise.

When I read a book that allowed my imagination to run wild and the author told an amazing story perfectly, I came to respect and look up to that author immensly.  They would inspire me.  And that’s what I wanted to be.  That’s why I wanted to publish.  From the very beginning, it wasn’t ‘would I’.  It was just a question of when.  I never doubted it.  It was going to happen.  And eventually it did.

What’s your reason?