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Writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself.
~Franz Kafka

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This journal is here to talk about Dragon’s Heart, writing tips and tricks, events, upcoming books, and me.  Get to know me better and learn behind-the-scenes of all my books.  I frequently post excerpts from what I’ve been writing lately, so keep an eye out for that!
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Magical Beasts

Exciting news!  Well, at least I’m excited.  I added a new page!  Follow the link below to learn all about the magical beasts from Dragon’s Heart. http://www.akenneyauthor.com/fun-stuff/magical-beasts/ read more

#1 Fan

There’s a lot you need to do to successfully write a good book.  One of the biggest challenges, especially for a first-time writer, is just to actually finish the darn story.  To get from the first chapter to the last chapter.  There are a lot of reasons why a... read more


I think today there is a great emphasis on originality.  A writer is pressured to make sure their work is entirely original and fresh, with nothing copied or borrowed from anywhere else; dare I say nothing inspired by anything else?  Perhaps it’s just me, but it... read more